Kisii Eye Hospital - A Fiat Lux Foundation Vision Centre Kisii, Kenya

Kisii Eye Hospital is an initiative in collaboration with Fiat Lux Foundation. The Fiat Lux Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of people with visual impairment. The initiative is led by Dr. Kiage who is an experienced ophthalmologist. We are glad to partner with Fiat Lux Foundation and give special thanks to Dr. Thomas Tayeri, Dr. David F.Chang, Jeff and Mariette Rothschild for making this noble initiative possible. The centre provides vision restoring operations most of them highly subsidized. This ensures that everyone with a treatable eye problem has access to eye services. The Fiat Lux Foundation was founded in 2009 by Dr. Thomas Tayeri with the goal of improving the lives of people with visual impairment particularly those people with limited access modern medical care with a Mission “To help, prevent and reverse blindness and improve the lives of people with visual impairment through education and delivery of medical and surgical services”

Fiat Lux Foundation

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